Adversary Methods of Operation

What is an AMO?

Adversary Methods of Operation represent proven and actionable terrorist and criminal operational plans. They represent the stages a terrorist or criminal will go through when attacking a target.

This process involves a series of steps:

In order to identify possible AMOs, we must look at what terrorists and criminals have done in the past.

For example, terrorists often travel to countries such as Afghanistan and Pakistan for Training prior to their attack.

Any person with this travel itinerary could potentially be stopped and questioned as their prior actions correlate with that of a proven AMO.

While it will always be useful to identify possible AMOs from the past, as Terrorists are constantly updating their methods of attack, it is important that we identify what methods they may use in the future.

Methods of Operation

Knowing the method of operation of a criminal or terrorist helps us become more threat orientated.

To be threat orientated means to constantly predict potential terrorist methods of operation and to recognize the possibility that an attack can happen at any moment.

By knowing the method of operation, we can understand how a terrorist will act in order to successfully carry out their attack.

In order to start profiling, you must identify and test all the possible methods of operation of criminals and terrorists within your protected environment.