Positive Threat Identification

Regular practice on a CBT system is essential to ensure that you are able to develop an awareness of the colours, densities, shapes and sizes that may suggest the presence of IEDs, weapons and other dangerous items when they are fully assembled – as well as when they have been disguised, dismantled or camouflaged.

If a dangerous object is identified under X-ray, remain calm and follow these procedures:

  1.  Stop the X-ray machine.
  2.  Get a second opinion from a colleague.
  3. In any emergency situation, always use your organisation’s appropriate code words, so as not to alarm members of the public, or members of staff not involved in the incident.
  4. Inform your supervisor, who will contact the relevant control authorities to take charge of the situation.
  5. Attempt to quickly identify the owner and all other items of baggage.
  6. Attempt to identify any other persons travelling with owner.
  7. Do not use physical force to restrain the owner. Generally, security officers have no powers other than those of a citizen in many countries.
  8. Observe and memorise a description of owner and anyone travelling with him or her.
  9. If the owner leaves the area, follow at safe distance – but only under your supervisor’s instructions.
  10. As soon as you are able to, write down your descriptions of the people involved and the incident generally, to ensure that you remember as much detail as possible. Complete a formal report as soon as possible.